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Name: Bartholomew "Barry" Henry Allen

Group: Justice League of America

Origin: Keystone City

First appearance: Flash Comics #1, (January, 1940)

Known Relatives:

  • Iris Russell West (wife)
  • Malcolm Thawnee (twin brother)
  • Henry and Nora (parents)
  • Eric and Fran Russell (parents-in-law)
  • Ira West (Stepfather-in-law)
  • Wallace West (nephew)
  • Don and Dawn (children)
  • Jenni Ognats and Bart Allen (grandchildren).



After the Shade, the Fiddler and the Thinker removed Keystone City from the memory of people and trapped it in a vibratory field, noone could remember the place but police scientist Barry Allen. Barry used to be the slowest man on earth, even though nobody got mad at him because he was noble and kind. One night, while he was finishing some work after everyone else had left, a bolt of lightning struck the window. Barry heard a voice that offered him superpowers in exchange for a shortened life period and he agreed. Then, the bolt struck a set of chemicals and Barry was bathed in them. It was not until he tried to run to get in time to a date with his girlfriend Iris that he discovered he had become a speedster like his idol Jay Garrick. Believing Garrick to be a comic character, he adopted his name and tailored a suit that could be packed inside a ring. In contact with air, the suit expanded and he could wear it at superspeed. He then started to fight supercriminals and made himself a name in Central City.

After learning that Iris' nephew Wally was one of his biggest fans, he invited the kid to his labs to introduce him to Flash. Just when they were discussing the origin of his powers, a second lightning struck and he received similar powers, adopting the name Kid Flash. Wally joined the Teen Titans and Barry joined the Justice League.

Eventually, he started hearing a strange music and he found out that he was tuned to Keystone City. Figuring out what had happened, he managed to free the city and its inhabitants from their vibrational prison. He also confronted different villains, although the worst was probably the Reverse Flash, a time traveller named Eobard Thawne who had gone through surgery to look like Barry Allen. He also had recreated the accident that gave Barry his powers and had traveled back in time to take Barry Allen's place. Thawne believed that he had returned to a time where Barry was dead, but his data was wrong. Instead, he found out that Barry would kill him years later. Losing it, he tried to return to his own time, but fell into a time paradox. Then, he decided to kill Barry.

Later, Barry married Iris and revealed her his true identity. She had also a surprise for him: she had been sent back in time from the 30th century to be spared from a possible nuclear war. Thawne return to get get Iris for himself and, when she refused, he murdered her. Barry and Thawne fought at superspeed and the Reverse Flash was trapped outside the timestream. Barry met then Fiona Web and married her, but Thawne returned on their wedding day and, to save his wife, Barry was forced to kill him. Web went mad and Barry was charged for murder. During his trial, Barry discovered that Iris was alive in the 30th century and that her spirit had been put into the body of a recently deceased woman using 30th century technology. Barry travelled to the 30th century with Iris and lived there for a month until theCrisis on Infinite Earths. Then, he was captured by theAnti-Monitor and tortured by the Psycho Pirate. After escaping from his prison, he attacked the Anti-Matter cannon that would destroy the Earth. Barry started to run around the machine to drain its energy, but the Anti-Monitor made him run backwards through time, transforming him into the bolt of pure energy that turned him into Flash years ago. Iris had twins Don and Dawn.

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