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The origin of the superhero known as Black Vulcan is somewhat vague.  However, it is believed he was born Jefferson Pierce, who grew up with his parents in the rough Metropolis neighborhood called Suicide Slum.  When his father was killed in a useless street argument, Pierce vowed to do whatever was necessary to escape the slum and not fall to its trap.  He trained hard and excelled in athletics.  As a result, Pierce was able to join the American Olympic Team where he came to the attention of the national media by winning a gold medal in the decathlon.  Pierce used his endorsement money to gain admission in Kent State University where he earned a teaching degree.  After graduation he spent a few years teaching High School English in the suburbs until his mother’s death brought him back to Metropolis.  Jefferson decided to stay in Metropolis hoping to make a difference as a inner-city public school teacher.  He was appalled to discover that his neighborhood's horrible living conditions had actually gotten worse.  Moreover, the constant pressure of his work began to make Jefferson an angry young man.  Pierce decided something must be done.  He crafted a costumed identity for himself and set out to make Suicide Slum safe again as the costumed adventurer Black Lightning.

Still maintaining his Olympic Level Physique, Black Lightning benefited greatly from a special power belt fashioned for him by the inventor Peter Giambi.  The insulated costume protected him shock while the powered belt allowed him to shoot electric bolts from his hands.  The powered uniform also augmented his strength and protected him with an electro-magnetic force field.  Black Lightning continued to fight crime and became a role model for the poor and downtrodden of the famed city.  He would occasionally assist fellow Metropolitan Superman with a case and has been instructed in hand-to-hand combat by no less than the Batman himself.  Unfortunately, just as Black Lightning was beginning to gain the upper hand in his war on crime in Suicide Slum, he suffered his greatest disgrace.  During a fight between himself and some gang members, a young girl was accidentally killed.  After bringing the criminals to justice, Jefferson Pierce returned home, burned his costume and vowed never to return as Black Lightning again.

Coincidentally, a few months later another crime fighter appeared above the Metropolis skyline.  This new hero, calling himself Black Vulcan, began patrolling the city from the skies.  He quickly gained a reputation for dispatching criminals with similar electrically-based powers.  However, Black Vulcan has the ability to generate his powers internally and does not utilize Pierce's old power belt.  The new superhero even sports an updated Black Lightning costume.  It has been speculated that Jefferson Pierce is actually behind the Black Vulcan mask.  Some have claimed that he was genetically altered and given this new identity after retiring as Black Lightning.  These conspiracists cite that the Justice League of America could not accept the absence of the inner city's greatest hero.  Although all these rumors remain unconfirmed, Black Vulcan was in fact asked by Superman himself to join the JLA.  Unlike Pierce's alto-ego Black Lightning, Black Vulcan is a cool-headed team player and has demonstrated none of the temperament associated with his predecessor.  Within a relatively short span Black Vulcan has managed to drive the gangs out of Suicide Slum and gained prestige as a powerful member of the Justice League

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