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Green Lantern
Real Name: John Stewart
Occupation: Architect, Green Lantern
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother (deceased), KATMA TUI (wife, deceased)
Group Affiliation: GREEN LANTERN CORPS
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA; OA
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN #87
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Black


In the annals of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS. there are few whose lives have been so touched by tragedy as John Stewart.
     HAL JORDAN was Earth's GREEN LANTERN--a collective of heroes throughout the galaxies, each entrusted with an amazing weapon for good: a power ring. In case anything happened to HAL, there had to be someone who would carry on the cause of justice. The first alternate GUY GARDNER was injured and The GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE--creators of the ring--told HAL he had to train another GREEN LANTERN. That person was John Stewart. John was both fearless and honest, the two main requirements for being a CORPS member, and he learned fast. The first thing John did was abandon the mask, for he had nothing to hide. indeed, John had always been an outspoken defender of the underdog. Brought up in one of the lower income neighborhoods in Los Angeles, he stood up for what he believed in, no matter the odds. In the course of his initiation, HAL learned as much from John as John did from HAL. HAL trained John in the hows and whys of being GREEN LANTERN, though they often differed on the whys--John being of the mind that such power gives you the right to use it to take action against moral wrong. John is a compassionate, caring, giving man.

|      Driven by his own strong set of ethics, John Stewart doesn't take well to authority. He has frequently looked upon orders from the GUARDIANS as demands of the elite, and was not afraid to say so.
     John also had a wife, a beautiful red-skinned woman from the planet Korugar named KATMA TUI, a GREEN LANTERN as well. After the CORPS was disbanded, John and "KAT" moved to Earth. It seemed John would be happy until STAR SAPPHIRE, a villain HAL JORDAN had fought many times, brutally killed KAT in an act of revenge.
     His greatest failure occurred when he was trying to keep an entity from destroying the planet Xanshi. John was overconfident, stubborn, depending too much on the ring. Xanshi and it millions of people died. John never forgave himself. His dreams are haunted by Xanshi crying out in the soundless vacuum of space.
     To make amends, John spent time on OA, acting as a sort of policemen for a patchwork world of cities a mad GUARDIAN had pulled from various planets throughout the universe. Every day he hopes for release of the nightmares, some release from the guilt, a reassurance life is more than tragedy.

John Stewart is a superior athlete. In college he won several light heavyweight boxing matches.
     John wears a power ring once owned by the GREEN LANTERN TOMAR RE, who bravely died in battle. A product of the GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE, the ring represents a union of advanced science and ancient magicks, transmitting energy via tachyons from a main power battery on OA to a smaller battery John possesses. Since it absorbs only 24 hours' worth at a time, John must make contact with the battery for approximately five seconds to recharge it for another 24 hours. The energy manifests itself in emerald beams, which can form and "image" John can envisage. the only limitations are that of the will and imagination of the wielder. Being a man of strong will, john is one of more powerful GREEN LANTERNS. Due to a necessary impurity, the ring is ineffective against anything yellow.
     With the ring John can fly, even through space, thanks to a force field that not only supplies him with oxygen, but protects him from fatal injury.


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