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Green Lantern
Real Name: Guy Gardner
Occupation: Ex-teacher, ex-social worker, now hero
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps, Justice League America
Base of Operations: Earth
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN 59 (second series) (March, 1968)
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Red


ABIN SUR, an alien member of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS, crashed his rocketship on Earth and was dying. He instructed his power battery to find an Earthling worthy of replacing him--one who was honest and without fear. The battery found two such people: Guy Gardner and HAL JORDAN. HAL was closer, so ABIN bestowed upon him the power ring and battery.
     Guy had a bad childhood. In a run-down section of Baltimore, his parents constantly fought. he became a physical education teacher for special-ed students. While chaperoning a trip for his class, a sudden earthquake made the group's bus swerve near a chasm. All the children got to safety, except one girl. Guy was reaching out to her when the bus's brakes gave out. The bus hit Guy, plummeting Gardner and the girl toward their deaths. GREEN LANTERN (HAL JORDAN) saved them, but Guy was badly injured. He was bedridden for some time and walked with a cane before fully recovering.
     When the CORPS needed more GREEN LANTERNS, HAL gave Guy a ring and a power battery. During a charging of the ring, Guy was cast into another dimension. while there, Gardner witnessed HAL and Guy's girlfriend together. He lived in anger until HAL rescued him, but his mind was damaged and he spent years in therapy.

|       Later, Guy received another ring from a GUARDIAN who thought he was the last. The GUARDIANS decided to let Gardner keep the ring if he underwent training, which Guy considered a punishment. eventually, he escaped to Earth, where HAL JORDAN pleaded to let Guy prove himself.
     When the new JUSTICE LEAGUE was forming, Guy intended to become the leader but deferred when BATMAN decked him with one punch. Guy hit his head and revealed a split personality: one a sexist, obnoxious, right-wing egotist; the other a courteous, thoughtful, and sickeningly sweet man of peace. Of which is worse, opinion differs.
     Guy Gardner thinks he is the one, true GL. Although he says the other GREEN LANTERNS are wimps--especially HAL JORDAN--he has great inner respect for them all.
     Boisterously loud in regard to his hero life, Guy is a very private person an doesn't like to talk about his past. He has a hard time expressing his feelings, such as in the case of his fellow LEAGUER, ICE, whom he cares for very much.
     Guy is stubborn, outspoken, and hates kids, pets, mimes, and musicals. he likes watching female sports and only "reads" the pictorials in his favorite magazines.
|      Guy is brave beyond reproach. he is loyal to his country, the good o'l U.S. of A., and to his comrades. He doesn't like to take orders, but he will be the first in line when he knows he can kick some--see some action. Guy is sometimes excessively violent when dealing with situations, and is very, very impatient.
     His haircut is patterned after his boyhood hero General Glory.

Guy Gardner is not great at hand-to-hand combat, mostly because he depends too much on his ring to do the fighting for him. Without his ring, he has a notorious glass jaw.
     Guy owns a power ring, created by the GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE; the ring gets its energy from a main battery. He must touch the ring to his own battery for abut five seconds to charge it for 24 hours. The emerald beams emitted by the ring can form anything Guy can imagine--and Guy cab imagine an awful lot. the ring lets Guy fly, even though outer space, for it has a force field that protects him form fatal injury. Though ineffective against anything yellow, the ring's strength is based on will. Guy could be one of the strongest GREEN LANTERNS if he put his mind to it, but he has a habit of using his power to create busty women to serve him drinks.


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