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Affiliations: Justice Society of America,
                           All-Star Squadron
Civilian Identity: Kent Nelson
Base of Operations: Salem, Massachusetts
Tools & Weapons:  When wearing his original
                           helmet, Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful of all
                           known sorcerors, capable of virtually any kind of magical
                           feat.  When he is not wearing Nabu's helmet, Dr. Fate
                           cannot cast spells.  However, thanks to physical
                           modifications on Kent Nelson's body made by Nabu, he is
                           still superhumanly strong, nearly invulnerable, and has
                           some limited flying ability.
Associates: Dr. Fate is engaged to Inza Cramer.


High on a hilltop in ghost-haunted Salem stands a lonely stone tower. Some say the Vikings built it before Columbus discovered America. It has windows -- but no doors. Within this strange edifice lived Doctor Fate, Man of Mystery. Kent Nelson was born in 1908, the son of Sven Nelson, a noted archaeologist and Celestine Babcock Nelson, a spiritual medium. Celestine Nelson died under unknown circumstances shortly after Kent's birth and Kent became a tagalong for his globe-trotting father. In 1920, Sven and Kent Nelson were conducting a dig in the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia. Young Kent stumbled upon an ancient sarcophagus containing the giant body of a stately being, Nabu the Wise. Upon opening the sarcophagus, Kent released poison gas which immediately slew his father. Nabu, a mystical Lord of Order originally from the planet Cilia, took pity on the boy and used his magic to block the grief from the young boy's mind. Over the intervening years, Nabu schooled Kent Nelson in the ways of mysticism, teaching him to cast spells and fly. Nelson had grown fond of Nabu, but the Lord of Order required one last act of Kent Nelson: the death of his own body. Nelson hesitated but Nabu removed the inhibitions he had placed on Nelson's grief and in a rage, Nelson slew the old wizard. With his body destroyed, Nabu was revealed as an energy being, a millennia-old Lord of Order. He revealed his true nature to Nelson and present him with 2 gifts, a helm and an amulet. When Nelson wore the Helm, he was joined with Nabu who used his body as an agent against the Lords of Chaos. A couple of years after he first assumed the Dr. Fate identity, Kent Nelson learned that he was actually losing control of his body whenever he donned Nabu's mystical helmet and that Nabu himself was controlling Fate's actions. For this reason, Nelson is loath to use the helmet and replaced it with smaller and lighter headgear of his own.

Thanks to David Stepp for much of the text.

The Faces of Fate:

Dr. Fate: You see a tall man dressed in blue. Your attention is immediately drawn to his glittering golden helm, a small crest at the top, which covers the top half of his face. From the cut of his chin and the set of his mouth you glean an impression of a thoughtful man, a man who has lost and sacrificed much, and a man who, once a decision has been made, will stand by it whatever the cost. He also wears gold boots, gloves, belt, and epaulets. Around his neck is a circular gold amulet.

Doctor Fate: You see a tall man dressed in blue. Your attention is immediately drawn to his glittering golden helm, a small crest at the top, which completely covers his face. You can barely see his eyes through the slits, and they seem to glow almost imperceptibly; the effect of those eyes in the featureless face is intimidating. He also wears gold boots, gloves, belt, epaulets, and a long gold cloak which conceals his movements. Around his neck is a circular gold amulet.

Kent Nelson: You see a blond man of average height, with blue eyes, and blonde hair. He is wearing a nice, blue suit, with appropriate dark tie and hat.

Mush History:

Fate has participated only sporadically in All-Star Squadron adventures, as his attention is usually devoted to pursuing a variety of mystical threats. He assisted the All-Stars (as Kent Nelson) in their battle against Vandal Savage. He battled the Blimp Gang, and was at the climactic battle with the Superman Revenge Squad. He battled against the evil Superman from the future, and also went back with the All-Stars to 1917 to stop a plot by King Barax. His actions against the Johnny Quick Revenge Squad prompted him to again don the full helm in order to retrieve Wesley Dodd's soul from the Finnish god of dreams, Untamo. He also accompanied the All-Stars to the north of Britain to face a number of faux All-Stars, and to Chile to prevent the Monster Society of Evil from freeing Kulak from his imprisonment in Dimension X.


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