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     These seven thunderous events mentioned, but sealed in the Book of Revelation 10:3,4 are described in Daniel Chapters 7 & 8.  But as Yahwah told us the Book of Daniel would be sealed (closed to our understanding) as concerning the events pertaining to the last days, until the "time of the end".  I believe the Book of Daniel is being unsealed, and opened whereby the Holy Spirit of God is showing us the truth.  Now, I believe the 7 Thunders are opened for us.

The evens in these chapters of Daniel that speak of HORNS, are speaking of the sevens THUNDERS, and there are seven distinct mention of HORNS, pertaining to seven Events.  Let's Look.


(DESERT THUNDER) = Not to be confused with Desert Storm. This is the second time we went to Iraq.  It is not over!!!

1st THUNDER  =  The Fall of Iraq and Iran (Persia) to the NWO (New World Order) thanks to the US.  The he goat (US) with a notable horn that smote and broke the ram with two horns (Iraq and Iran). Daniel 8:7  This happens at the 2nd Angel.

2nd THUNDER  The Fall of The United States of America to the NWO.  The he goat became great and when he was strong, the great =  The Fall of The United States of America to the NWO.  The he goat became great and when he was strong, the great horn was broken. Daniel 8:8  This happens also at the end of the 2nd Angel.  

3rd THUNDER Four kingdoms arise, the fourth headed by the Antichrist, the first little hornFour notable horns came up. (Daniel 8:8,9) They are called four beasts in Daniel 7:3.(Lion, Bear, Leopard, Dreadful and terrible beast) and four kings in Daniel 7:17Out of one of them (Dreadful and terrible beast) came forth a little horn. Daniel 8:9 This happens at the 3rd Seal.

4th THUNDER = Antichrist divides the world into ten regions with ten horns (kings) ruling over them, along with the three other kingdom's kings (Daniel 7:7; Rev.17:12) This also happens at the 3rd Seal, or at least revealed to the world's population.

5th THUNDER = Satan/Lucifer, another little horn, comes up after the ten horns (Daniel 7:6,24;8:23) a king of fierce countenance  In the latter time of their kingdoms. Beginning of the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation.  THE abomination of desolation!!!!!!!  This happens at the 7th Seal.

6th THUNDER = Satan plucks up three of the first four horns that arose after the fall of the great and notable horn, (US).  (Daniel 7:8,24) This also happens at the 7th Seal.

7th THUNDER = Satan is broken without hand. (Daniel 7:25-28; 8:25) Yahshua shall destroy him with the brightness of his coming. (IIThess.2:8) This happens at the 7th Angel, 7thTrumpet and 7th Vial.


Those are the seven thunderous events noted by horns in Daniel speaking of the "seven thunders" in Revelation. 



Note:  As President Bush has since Jan. 2002 named Iraq, and Iran an "axis of evil", it seems we are headed for war against Persia.  It seems the 1st Thunder may be sooner than many expect!!!  Time will soon tell if these interpretations of Daniel's thunderous events are valid.