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666 The Mark of the Beast 666:

Many Christians believe the 666 mark will be a biochip implant to create the cashless society of Revelation 13. Gold is money (and silver), not paper, not electronic credits, not chips, not a mark, nor a number!

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    Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (666)

Using the extended meanings of the original Greek text, Michael E. O'Brien of (now a dead link) created an alternate possible translation given of Rev. 13, that indicates a biochip implant containing a number like the social security number could fulfill the prophecy very precisely:  Rev 13: [16] He [the second beast] caused everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive an etching of servitude (made with a sharp point) in their right hand, or in their foreheads; [17] so that no one could buy or sell unless they had the etching of servitude, or the authority of the beast, or the number of his authority. [18] Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the pebbles as the number of the beast, for it is an individual's [identification] number. His number is incised with a pricking action - willingly - by one claiming to possess the Godhead...

In the USA, 98-99% of all transactions are already cashless, and cash represents about 1-4% of bank deposits.  (See my article, "Major Frauds of the U.S. Monetary System". Smart cards and biochip pet implants are in wide use in Europe. Many Christians strongly suspect that this "mark of the beast" prophesy will be implemented by technology that exists today, the biochip implant (syringe implantable microchip/lithium transponder), or an invisible tatoo designed to go in the right hand or forehead. -- teaching the pretribulation rapture

Revelation 14:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

Revelation 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
Revelation 14:11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
Revelation 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Revelation 15:2 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.

Revelation 16:2 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

Revelation 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
Revelation 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.
Revelation 20:6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

The move to a cashless system is not a war against cash.  It is really a war against gold and silver.  Paper money cash has already served it's useful purpose, to get people to forget that gold and silver are money.  Cash and bonds are used to take the gold and silver away from the people. 

In sum here are my prophetic views:  I believe the rapture will happen before the seven year tribulation.  I believe the mark of the beast will start half way through the seven year tribulation, when the Antichrist sits in the temple in Jerusalem, and demands to be worshipped as God.  I believe the war of Ezekiel 38 takes place at the start of the tribulation, which will look like Armageddon.  Israel is wealthy in gold and silver and cattle, and is at peace, before this war.  I believe that in order for the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 to take place, the world will have to return to a world gold standard, and I believe it is likely that there will be a world government, perhaps for an entire generation before the rapture.  I believe that the Great Harlot of Revelation 17-18 is the international bankers, or perhaps a few hundred familes of Jerusalem, Jews, who were prophesied to lend to the nations which helps them rule over them.  The harlot is destroyed by the seventh beast which is a world kingdom with ten kings, and they give their power to the eighth beast, the Antichrist, who installs his mark of the beast economic system.  His system will be against gold and silver, and he will likely use biochipping technology to implement the mark of the beast.  But the mark is also a number.  And remember, those who take it are supporting and worshipping the beast (governmental) system of fraudulent weights and measures instead of God's system of honest measures, such as gold and silver.

Here are a few of my important essays on the issue of money.  Listed first, are those essays with more overt Biblical themes.

The Great Harlot of Rev 17-18 is Jerusalem, & what that means.  10-4-02 

Gold and Silver in Bible Prophecy 12-15-01

18 Biblical Guidelines for Managing your Money  March, 2004

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Here's what people on the web are saying about the Mark of the Beast

My Personal Summary of Important Points about the Mark of the Beast, and a few more Bible Quotes.

Personally, I don't think the Social Security number IS the mark of the beast, but I do believe that the mark will incorporate the Social Security numbers that everyone already has, and I do belive that Social Security numbers are evil, legally voluntary, and should be rejected as soon as possible by Christians everywhere.

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    My Personal Summary of Important Points about the Mark of the Beast, and a few more Bible Quotes.

    Syringe Implantable Transponders & Smart Cards in Non-religious websites:
    (The world will eventually have to engage a full-scale propaganda effort to promote these chips, and to counter and reject and ridicule what the Bible says in Revelation Chapters 13, 14, 16, 19, and 20 as listed above.)

    1. Applied Digital Solutions (Digital Angel) Website
    2. Applied Digital Solutions Stock Price [ADSX]
    3. Coming soon, ADSX's "get chipped" promotion at
    4. - Technology gets under clubbers' skin - Jun 9, 2004
    5. Wired Magazine: "Implantable Chip, On Sale Now"  -- October 25, 2002, Wired magazine linked this site, sending 2000 hits a day for about four days, as a resource for what Christians believe about the subject of the "Mark of the Beast".
    6. Popular Science: "Do You Have a Chip in Your Shoulder, Sir?" May 10, 2002, About the Jacob's family that received the VeriChip from ADSX.
    7. Time Magazine:  "Your daughter can store the money any way she wants--on her laptop, on a debit card, even (in the not too distant future) on a chip implanted under her skin."  -- April 27, 1998 (page 51) (the quote is 3/4 way down the page.)
    8. CNN: Man puts chip in arm. August 1998
    9. Metroactive Central: "Beastly Implants" 1996
    10. MasterCard
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    14. The Cato Institute: The National ID Card: It's Baaack! by Stephen Moore
    15. About the SET Mark (Secure Electronic Transaction) [SET is also an old name for Satan, and it's interesting they call their logo a "Mark"!]
    16. At click on "SmartGov" on the list to see and read about all the Federal Government's plans regarding smart cards.
    17. Microsoft announced Sept. 2nd, 1998, it will be supporting this "SET Mark" system. --Excite's News Link expired.

      ID Laws

    18. Deception by Legislation
    19. National ID Implemented in Federal Code

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    Look at what the Bible and others have to say about "buying and selling" or, in other words, money.
    Our Fiat-money system of Fraud and Debt and the evils of usury, the Fed, and the IRS:
    1. Evil of fiat money in Scripture Another MUST READ!!!
    2. The "Mark" on money leads to evil. Perhaps the best summary of the whole money/mark topic I've ever read!!!
    3. The Money Issue The colonies in america were rich until the Bankers of England took their money away...
    [Rev 3:17] Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
    [Rev 3:18] I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich..." --Jesus Christ

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  4. Past and Present


    by Andrew Hicks

    Premillennialist prophecy writers have developed and updated scenarios for the world's end based on prophecies from the Biblical books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel and others. One ongoing component of the accepted scenario is the mark of the beast, which was forecasted by John in Revelation 13:16-18, which reads,

    	"He [the second beast] also forced everyone,
                                        small and great, rich and poor, 
                                        	free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that 
                                        	no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the 
                                        	beast or the number of his name.  This calls for wisdom.  If anyone has 
                                        	insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number.  
                                        	His number is 666"  (NIV Translation).

    Many premillennialist Christians in the past 2000 years have speculated on exactly what this "mark" will be. While some dismiss the mark of the beast as a figurative sign of allegiance to the devil, most premillenialists believe Revelation 13 is a prophecy to be taken literally. And the general consensus among premillennialists today is that the mark of the beast will be a universal means of identification hooked up to a worldwide computer network.

    The opinions of prophecy writers concerning the mark of the beast have evolved greatly with technology improvements. Earlier this century, many premillennialists believed the mark would be tattooed on the recipient's hand or forehead. Early 70's Christian novels and films on the end times followed this line of thinking. Salem Kirban, enduring prophecy writer and novelist, wrote a book entitled 666, in which the mark of the beast was a giant tatoo reading "666." Popular 1973 Christian movie A Thief in the Night went slightly further, showing the mark as a tattoo of what one character said was the computer readout for "666." Kirban, in his book The Rise of the Antichrist, attacks the prevalence of numbers for identification in society, noting that the most universal number for Americans is "your Social Security Number. Quite conceivably, it could become the Mark. Technology is already here whereby the Social Security Number could be painlessly imprinted on your forehead or right hand in invisible ink revealed only by a special light" (Kirban 31). Kirban isn't the only 70's prophecy writer who gave the speculation that the Mark would be an invisible tattoo consisting of the Social Security Number. John Wesley White wrote in his book Re-entry, which had a foreword by Billy Graham, that the only number that could control a person's ability to buy or sell in modern society is the Social Security Number. He added that the number could be imprinted permanently on the "hand or forehead by an electronic device and with an instrument can be read in a glance" (White 159).

    That seemed to be the agreed-upon method for the prophecy of Revelation 13:16-18 until 1974, when "a strange new mark began appearing on products." It was the UPC--Universal Product Code, also known as the bar code. It didn't take long for this new technological advancement to be heralded as the mark of the beast by some avid prophecy believers. The Christian video Rock and Roll Sorcerors of the New Age, whose main purpose was to show how Satan was preparing our generation to accept a one-world government through pop music messages like "come together in every nation" and "we are the world, we are the children," also had a segment on the mark of the beast. A picture of the barcode's inventor was displayed on the screen, with a bar code superimposed on his forehead. "Now, I'm not saying the bar code is the mark of the beast," the host said, but the implication was clear. Other Christians wrote about the three hidden numbers on every bar code. "What are the three hidden numbers?" Terry Watkins asks rhetorically on his "Mark of the Beast" web site. "YOU GUESSED IT! 666!" According to prophecy writers, the only symbols on the UPC that don't correspond to the product's individual numbers are three strategically-placed sixes, the first, middle and last numbers on every bar code.

    The bar code theory advanced levels of paranoia even more among prophecy believers. After all, if each bar code was individualized, obviously the computer bar code readers would have stored information on them. Since that point, computers have played an increasing role in prophecy writers' end times scenarios. More prophecy books from the 80's than anyone would care to mention put forth the observation first noted by Reverend Richard Thomas--that by assigning values in multiples of six to letters of the alphabet, the word "computer" adds up to 666. In Kirban's words, "The computer may well become the mechanical monster Antichrist may use to exercise control over the population."

    In the late 80's and early 90's, as computer technology made leaps and bounds, imaginative premillennialist authors updated their predictions for the mark of the beast. Two advancements in particular have been pounced upon by prophecy writers--the smart card and the implantable microchip. Smart cards are like credit cards but contain miniature microchips that can store and manipulate information. And microchip implants, currently being used to keep track of people's pets, are about the size of a grain of rice, can be injected under the skin in a matter of minutes, and never need to be replaced (Fernandez). The most prevalent mark of the beast scenario today involves both the smart card and the microchip implant.

    Premillennialists say soon there will be a government-issued smart card everyone will use as a primary means of identification. Internet prophecy writer Terry Watkins says Clinton's proposed health care smart card will be the first step. "For the very first time in history, every man, woman and child will be numbered and required to carry a card. No exceptions! No excuses! EVERYBODY!" That will lead to an all-purpose identity card that will replace the driver's license and Social Security card, among other things. A PC Week article from May 9, 1994 said, "The Clinton administration is working on an identification card that every American will need to interact with any federal government... Sources close to the administration said President Clinton is also considering signing a pair of executive orders that would facilitate the connection of individual's bank accounts and federal records to a government identification card..." (Watkins).

    Prophecy believers say the marriage of finances and government on one smart card will be ushered in by the much talked-about cashless society. The CEO of Visa, Carl Pascarella, thinks "everything will migrate toward a single card. I might want to have my driver's license, frequent-flier miles, medical information and HMO data on one card" (Levy 65). It's a well-documented fact that world commerce is moving away from cash dealings and toward more credit card and check transactions. Premillennialists have long warned about the possibility credit cards will lead to the mark of the beast. Maranatha's Internet site includes a "Mark of the Beast" page as well, with links to both the MasterCard and Visa ("One World, One Currency") homepages. The web site does offer the disclaimer, "I am not suggesting that credit cards are the mark of the beast. I include information on credit cards only as a demonstration of the technology that could be used by the beast to control commerce."

    Credit cards are a gateway to something much worse in premillennialist belief. These doom prophecies are fueled by the fact that MasterCard is planning "to smarten up every single one of its credit cards by 2000" and Visa is rolling out its smart card for visitors to the Atlanta Olympics next summer. The smart cards allow a customer to buy a value on the card up front and make purchases accordingly, with the card's microchip keeping track of how much money is left. "Banking visionaries see the cards as another step toward a cashless society," a secular news article reads (Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 23, 1995). An April 1995 article in Network World says these smart credit cards "will pave the way for the digital money revolution." Indeed there is a digital money revolution of sorts beginning to form. A new company called DigiCash lets customers purchase "e-money" to spend on the Internet. An English company, Mondex, is out to do "no less than create an electronic world currency," according to Newsweek. The same article notes that the basic concern of Christians and Non-Christians alike is that "smart cards may evolve into a personal ID with a wealth of personal information the holder can't necessarily control" (Levy 65).

    Christian prophecy writer Irvin Baxter, Jr. unquestionably agrees with that sentiment. He includes in his book Message For the President a page with a sample printout the government could use to gain knowledge of every person's activities if such an ID system were created. Baxter's fictional printout sums up one day's actions for a John Doe-type individual, including every purchase and phone call he made, and even what the man had for breakfast, with added analysis at the bottom. "Heavy starch breakfast, probably overweight... Bought $6.00 worth of gasoline. Owns VW. So far this week has bought $14.00 gas. Obviously doing something besides just driving nine miles to work... Phone #328-1826 belongs to Shady Lane--Shady was arrested for bookmaking in 1975... Bought very expensive lingerie, not his wife's size..." (100). Christian prophecy often includes this amusing element of paranoia as a main component. The clear implication is that the current government and the one-world government to come will pry into the lives of the average individual once the people unknowingly accept identification devices that are actually the mark of the beast.

    Baxter also refers to a Reader's Digest article on the possibilities of a cashless society where universal I.D. cards are used by all. The article said anyone who didn't pay his bills would have his card cut off. "This would make him a non-person." Baxter adds that if the government would revoke a person's citizenship for failure to pay bills or taxes, they wouldn't stop there. Once the apostate one-world religion, an agreed-upon component of the premillennialist endtime scenario, is instituted, "It might become convenient for the government to tag [people who don't go along with the false religion-- a.k.a. Christians] as 'non-persons.' As a matter of fact, this is exactly what is going to happen! Such control over the citizenry is frightening!" (95-96).

    The government has been testing the possibilities of a cashless society for years. A 1989 Newsweek article talks about a Marine base in South Carolina which is "a cashless economy--even the telephones take smart cards." Marines get smart cards on payday instead of checks and use the cards to make their purchases (Rogers 54). Christian writer J.R. Church talks about a proposed card to be distributed to servicemen in all branches of the military, a "Multi-technology Automated Reader Card." He notes that the acronym spelled out is "MARC," asking if this obviously evil name is "a cruel joke to play on service men and women?" MARC is a smart card that includes an integrated circuit microchip, bar code, magnetic strip, photograph of the card holder and printed information about the person. "The card," he says, "can be used to transact business, exchange money and totally control the lives of the cardholders." He suggests these cards will be issued to more than just servicemen, pointing to a USA Today article from July 1994 titled "National Citizen ID is Proposed." The article speaks of a proposal to Congress to prevent illegal aliens from getting jobs. All U.S. citizens would be issued a national ID card with their photo and fingerprints. "Social Security-type cards," Church calls them. His belief is that the name of the MARC card is definitely prophetic, as from his standpoint, they will be the required national I.D. cards for all citizens. His reasoning is that they can be used in "every type of reading device," from bar code laser readers to magnetic strip credit card readers, with the "computer chip for future use in a computerized cashless economy" (289-292).

    A cashless society would no doubt be more convenient for everyone, Irvin Baxter concedes. "If a foolproof electronic money system could be designed, much of the crime in our nation would be eliminated." There would be no forgery, no costs for processing checks, IRS records would be indisputable because "every transaction made by every individual would be recorded on a printout sheet by every bank in America on a monthly basis." Baxter says that the banking community wants to eliminate paper transactions entirely, including cash and signed receipts and paperwork for credit card purchases (97).

    In the current premillennialist scenario, smart cards are only half of the "terrible technology" which will be used as the mark of the beast to condemn people's souls to hell. Once the smart card I.D. system is instituted, they say, the question on everyone's minds will be, according to Information Week magazine, "What if a thief swipes your card?" (36). Terry Watkins, Internet prophecy writer, adds, "If you think we've got problems with credit card fraud now--What do you think will happen when your 'financial-healthcare-identification-everything-smart-card' is stolen... The answer is obvious... It's going to have to be--PERMANENTLY ATTACHED TO THE INDIVIDUAL!" After that revelation, Watkins refers to an article in Automatic I.D. News from March 1992 which said, "Automatic identification plays an important role in the emerging cashless society" (E40).

    The same magazine, a year and a half before, had said, "The fastest segment in the access control market... is biometric sensors. These devices identify people by fingerprints, retina patterns and other body-based methods" (37). Merchants will have to verify the smart card holder is indeed who he or she claims to be. Some prophecy writers are leery of the practice of biometrics, which identifies people based on characteristics unique to them, like voice prints, fingerprints and retina patterns. The Maranatha "Mark of the Beast" Internet page includes links to the "Biometry Home Page" and "Association For Biometrics." Baxter says the voiceprint method is "quite expensive" and using fingerprints faces "technical difficulties that prevent its use from being implemented" (99). That leaves one viable option. In the words of Christian Microsoft employee Roger Voss, technologically-versed and one of the more outspoken prophecy expounders on the Internet, "implanting a smart card chip into the owner's body would be a far simpler, cheaper and more fool proof manner of authentification."

    That seems to be the consensus of most prophecy writers--that the mark of the beast system will be a carried smart card along with an implanted microchip in the hand or forehead. Christian author Peter Lalonde takes a different yet similar perspective. "It could well be that what this prophet [John] was referring to 2,000 years ago was what is known today as the computer microchip. In fact, the microchips currently being used in 'smart cards' could easily fulfill the definition of the 'mark' which will be issued under the Antichrist regime... The only remaining requirement would be for the chip to be taken out of the card and actually be implanted into human flesh" (229). Lalonde's view is that all the identification needed will be in the person's hand, but most modern prophecy writers believe the implanted microchip will only be the foolproof means of identification for people using their government smart cards.

    Computer microchip implants have gained a lot of ground these past few years in animals. An article in The Ledger from October 1994 says nearly 1.5 million chips have been implanted in domestic pets since 1991. Although the majority of these have been in dogs, the article states that "almost any pet can be implanted, including cats, reptiles, horses, birds and even fish." Veterinarian Steve Dunham, who implants 30 to 50 of these chips a month, is quoted in the article as saying the American Kennel Club sells registered chips and "is on the verge of formally suggesting that all dogs be microchipped." The primary reason for injecting the microchips into pets is for instant identification when the animals are lost (Fernandez).

    Peter Lalonde quotes from a Cat Fancy article which says these microchips emit "a numerical or letter combination code (about 4 billion are possible) which has been assigned exclusively to that cat." He also reprints literature from Identification Devices, Inc., a company which manufactures the pet ID chips. "System I.D. transponders are encapsulated in an inert epoxy to protect the electronic circuitry during use... Transponders implanted in animals... have tissue-compatible coatings to prevent rejection by the body... And it is so durable it has a projected operating life after implantation of over 100 years." Lalonde goes on to discuss proposals to inject these microchips behind the ears of children in the event they are lost or run away, speculating that that would be the last step before everyone would be required to get microchip injections (238-240).

    The Second Advent Ministries' booklet "Implantable Biochip Technology" concedes that

    	"this technology is based on
                                        a great idea... but students of Bible prophecy 
                                        	will feel a chilly, futuristic wind blowing across a sinister horizon, for the 
                                        	Bible warns us in Revelation, Chapter 13, that someday soon the global 
                                        	economic system of the Antichrist world dictator... will call for just such 
                                        	an alphanumeric system...  Undoubtedly, human beings will find 
                                        	themselves the next target of such technological marvels in the 
                                        	not-too-distant future."

    The booklet also quotes Tim Willard, the managing editor of Futurists, the World Future Society's bimonthly magazine, who says that microchips could be used for...

    	"a variety of human applications.  Conceivably, a number could be 
                                        	assigned at birth and follow someone throughout life.  Most likely, it 
                                        	would be IMPLANTED ON THE BACK OF ONE'S HAND for 
                                        	convenience, so that it would be easy to scan at stores.  It could be 
                                        	used as a universal identification card that would replace credit cards, 
                                        	drivers' licenses, that sort of thing.  At the supermarket checkout stand, 
                                        	you would simply PASS YOUR HAND OVER THE SCANNER and your 
                                        	bank account would be debited automatically."

    Willard, a secular writer who may have never even heard of the mark of the beast, sums up the perspective of premillenialists with that statement. The emphasis on the phrases "implanted on the back of one's hand" and "pass your hand over the scanner" was added by Second Advent, but the statements were all his. The "Implantable Biochip Technology" booklet goes on to assert that the current nine-digit Social Security Number (which "allows them to be tracked anywhere in the country with computers") will soon give way to...

    	"a new, global, 18-digit mesh-block configuration of international numbers 
                                        	that will allow people to be tracked internationally...  The 18-digit numbering 
                                        	system will consist of THREE separate sets of SIX DIGITS each: 6-6-6!  
                                        	Coincidence?  No.  Not if you believe Bible prophecy...  The biochip will be 
                                        	the agency by which all financial transactions are registered.  Without it, no 
                                        	transactions of any kind will be permitted; there will be no income, no food, 
                                        	no shelter.  Once in place universally, Satan's system of total electronic 
                                        	enslavement will have been imposed upon all citizens of the New World 
                                        	Order.  No one will be excluded from having to take his 'MARK' without 
                                        	facing the death penalty ... a truly 'DO OR DIE' situation."

    The Christian publication "Microchips and the Mark of the Beast" contains quotes from Dr. Carl W. Sanders, the senior engineer on a 1968 medical project that resulted in the microchip. At the time, the only forseen use of the microchip was to monitor individuals' health from inside the body, but he now believes that the microchip will be the mark of the beast. He notes, interestingly enough, that the microchip has a lithium battery that recharges based on body temperature changes. And what are the two places in the body where the temperature changes most rapidly? The forehead and the back of the hand. The anonymous author of the booklet is definitely in agreement that the mark will be a computer microchip. He reports that...

                                        are bills before Congress right now that will allow them to inject a 
                                        	microchip in your child for identification purposes.  The president of the 
                                        	United States of America, under the 'Emigration Control Act of 1986,' 
                                        	Section 100, has the authority to deem whatever type of identification is 
                                        	necessary--whether it be an invisible tatoo or electronic media under the 
                                        	skin.  So I think you have to look at the facts, folks: This is not coming 
                                        	as some big shock.  The paving has been done ahead of time."

    Prophecy believers have developed scenarios for the mark of the beast for almost two millenia. Their beliefs on which method the Antichrist will use to brand people with his wicked mark have evolved and changed with every major technological advancement. The more recent ones have become increasingly convincing. In fact, according to some secular articles, the only reason we don't already have a cashless society with microchips implanted in our skin is that premillennialist Christians would raise too much of a fuss. The widespread belief in prophecy and the apocalypse can't be ignored. And if the predictions of prophecy writers on globalism and the emerging cashless society never do come true, you can be sure there are future technologies we can't even imagine which will be manipulated by premillennialists as a possible fulfillment of Revelation 13's forecast.

    NWO( New World Order)

    Here in

    Also see the

    Halliburton News Watch Cheney/Halliburton News Watch

    The Axis of Corporate Evil

    In what appears to be an attempted corporate takeover of America, the same names keep coming up time and again.  Click the numbers on the chart or scroll down to see the connections.

    Note:  This chart does not touch on campaign spending.  Bush/Cheney represent the State Department.  Many of the seeds of this evil axis were sown during the Bush, Sr. and Clinton administrations.

    The Axis of Corporate Evil chart -Click the numbers to make the connections between The Carlyle Group, Nortel, Global Crossing, Enron, The State Department, Arthur Andersen, and Quest

    1.  Enron and Global Crossing used a complex deal brokered by a third company to sidestep accounting rules in a March 2001 transaction that was designed to help Global Crossing disguise a loan and allow each company to book revenue, according to executives and traders involved in the transaction.
    New York Times  May 19, 2002
    Enron has link to Global Crossing


    Enron and Global Crossing participated in the first-ever commodity bandwidth trade.  Global Crossing was the seller, Enron was the buyer.  Jeff Skilling said, “This is ‘Day One’ of a potentially enormous market.”
    Enron Press Release  December 2, 1999


    2.  Arthur Andersen is Global Crossing's auditor, too.
    Andersen ties among similarities to Enron
    Mississippi Clarion Ledger  June 27, 2002


    3.  Roy Olofson, former vice president of finance for Global Crossing, accused company executives of overstating the company's assets, like with Enron, and of firing him when he tried to blow the whistle.  Mr. Olofson told of shady deals being made with companies such as the telecommunications company Qwest.
    InfoWorld February 8, 2002


    4.  Arthur Andersen kept the books for Qwest, too.
    Is Qwest playing accounting games?  Jan 31, 2002


    5.  On January 7, 2002, Qwest Chairman and CEO Joseph P. Nacchio was named Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC). The appointment was announced by FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell.
    "In addition to his role as chairman of the NRIC, Nacchio is vice chairman of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), a select group of industry executives that provides advice on security and emergency preparedness issues to President George W. Bush. Nacchio is scheduled to become chairman of NSTAC later this year. The leadership roles for the government will not distract Nacchio from running Qwest.
    Qwest Communications Press Release


    6.  Enron and Qwest struck a deal last fall to swap fiber optic network capacity and services at exaggerated prices in an effort to improve each company's financial picture.
    Broadband Week  March 29, 2002


    7.  October 04, 2001 - Nortel Networks has been selected by Global Crossing to provide IP service management software for Global Crossing's worldwide deployment of next generation IP and ATM services.
    MPLS World News MPLS World News


    8.  October 11, 2001  Nortel Networks Deploying Voice, Data Network for Qwest Using Internet Technology
    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Nortel Networks* [NYSE/TSE: NT] is deploying for Qwest Communications International, Inc. a new, packet-based network infrastructure that Qwest intends to use to replace traditional, circuit-switched networks throughout its 14-state region.
    Nortel Networks Press Release


    9.  "Carlyle has also invested in Global Crossing, Nextel and Nortel."
    The Industry Standard Money Watch  Apr 23 2001


    10.  Until October 11, 2001,  William E. Conway, Carlyle Group Founder and Director, was also Director of Global Crossing.
    Bermuda Stock Exchange


    11.  Until April, 2001, the chairman of the board at Nortel was Frank Carlucci, who is also chairman of The Carlyle Group
    Press release from Nortel Networks

    "Carlyle has also invested in Global Crossing, Nextel and Nortel."
    The Industry Standard Money Watch  Apr 23 2001


    12.  George Bush, Sr. is Senior Advisor to The Carlyle Group's Asia fund.  For full details see
    The Ex-President's Club
    Meet The Carlyle Group


    13. The Carlyle Group is the 13th largest government contractor. 
    Federal Access
    The Carlyle Group is the 10th largest defense contactor.
    Government Executive Magazine

    Northrop Grumman is the 4th largest defense contractor, and the 6th largest government contractor.  The Carlyle Group bought into Northrop Grumman's Commercial Aerostructures business (now called Integrated Systems Sector), which is the largest supplier of aircraft structures to the Boeing company, which is the nation's 2nd largest contractor.
    Northrop Grumman News Release  July 24, 2000


    14.  John F. Harris, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of The Carlyle Group, was previously a Senior Manager with Arthur Andersen
    Hoovers Executive Biography

    The Carlyle Group is a partner and investor in Apteka-Holding, a Russian pharmaceutical company.  From their website:
    "At the request of The Carlyle Group the business processes of the company were surveyed at the first stage of the project by the specialists of Arthur Andersen, one of the Big Five consultancies."
    Platinum SQL Implementation at Apteka-Holding

    The Carlyle Group is an investor in a property management technology company called Realeum.  
    From their website:
    "The former SC Partner from Arthur Andersen responsible for Realeum development serves as CTO and has established the infrastructure for analysis & design, development, platform operations and product management." 
    Realeum - About Us


    15.  The Carlyle Group is connected to Qwest through it's investment and partnership with a company called CitynetQwest Communications supplied bandwidth for Citynet as the company rose to become West Virginia's largest internet service provider.
    State's Largest Internet Company Sees Bright Future Ahead
    Inside Citynet
     July, 2001

    Carlyle Group purchased QwestDex yellow pages for $7 billion.
    Washington Post, August 20, 2002


    16.  Robert E. Grady is a Partner and Managing Director at The Carlyle Group, and is also a member of the Advisory Board of Enron Corporation.
    USBX Board of Directors 


    17.  George Bush Sr. accepted $80,000 worth of Global Crossing shares in lieu of payment for speaking fees for a 1998 speech he gave on the company's behalf in Japan.  The value of those shares went up to 14 million.
    San Francisco Chronicle Feb 11, 2002


    Also see:  New Ruler of the Information Super Highway


    18.  Global Crossing is still in the running for a $400 million defense contract, despite having the project taken away from them in July, 2001.
    Washington Post  Feb 12, 2002


    19.  The federal government paid Arthur Andersen $93 million for services in 2000.  Visit the Federal Procurement Data Center.  Do a search for "Andersen".  It will give you a drop-down menu of companies; in particular select ANDERSEN, ARTHUR, LLP_______CHICAGO, IL.  You can search by what agencies contracted with them and how much they spent, or by what and for how much Andersen sold.


    20.  Enron's ties to the White House too extensive to list here.  Please see Ken Lay Slept Here:  The Enron Photo Album