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Anti-Christ or sometimes called “the Beast” of the Last Days.

Upon speaking with a person on the phone just the other day, it came up that she never heard of a person called the Anti-Christ and in  my ignorance, I thought that everyone had at least heard about the Anti-Christ.  But to my amazement, I have found that several people had not even heard the  term, yet said they go to church and considered themselves to be a “Christian”.

So for the sake of those who do not know about this deadly Deceiver of the Last Days of this era, let me introduce you to him, so as you will not be caught unawares when he makes his grand appearance, as he comes in the name of “peace” !!
But he will be anything BUT “peaceful” !!

The Bible is our “Guide Book” = = Our Instruction Manuel, as it were, to not only survive in this world in this lifetime, but to stay healthy, and to become all that we were meant to be = = our best.  It tells us how to be successful and how to thrive.
It also WARNS us what will happen if we disobey the rules and laws of this Instruction Manuel !!  But it is OUR CHOICE to follow the instructions or not to.
The Bible is also the best History Book on Earth !
It records everything that has happened since  the very beginning , and what will happen in the present,  and in the future, as well !!!   It’s quite a Book !!!!
Everyone should read it and study it.

+++     +++     +++     +++     +++    +++    +++    +++    +++    +++    +++

The  ANTI-CHRIST     aka    “THE BEAST”

Many “anti-christs” are predicted throughout the Bible, for anyone who is against God and refuses to accept Jesus Christ as His Only Son,  God calls an “anti-christ”.

But there is one Anti-Christ that is emphasized above all the others, and
He is the one of the Last Days of the era, or age.  This one will be actually inhabited by Satan himself, not just evil spirits and demons, as the others of history have been   !
This Anti-christ will come in the name of “peace” and the Bible (the Bible is God’s Word, so God is speaking) says  - “he will destroy many with peace” (Daniel 8:25)

Now you may ask, how can someone destroy by peace ?
Very easily !  For this word also means (in the original language),  ‘ peace AND prosperity’ = = if people see that by obeying and following  the commands of this man, that they will be ‘rewarded’ with wealth, certain power, or position, = greedy and fearful people WILL follow and obey this evil man !!!!  The trouble with humans is that they seem to only be able to SEE or care about the IMMEDIATE time = = today = = NOW = = and what can I get out of this for ME !!!   WE live in a ‘ME’ society.  Add that to the horrible droughts, famines, and other natural disasters that will (and are) hitting the world, people will see this man as their “only way” to survive.

He will appear to have all the answers for every problem both individually, and for the nations.  He will display great powers and even do miracles before your eyes !!!  But this power will be directly from Satan = = and it is MEANT TO DECEIVE YOU INTO BELIEVING THAT THIS MAN IS GOD HIMSELF  !!!  And He WILL call himself God eventually and DEMAND you worship him !!!!  IF you refuse, it will be off with your head !!!  Literally !!

He will even appear to be shot in the head, and come back to life, with the ‘aid’ of his ‘assistant’ !  This will be the turning point for many people and they will totally fall for his DECEPTIONS !!! Note: some believe this also indicates a "world system" that will be 'shot' and a new 'person' will arise with his own world government coming out of the existing one, forming the 8th (and final) kingdom. And it could be both. The final kingdom will be Islam ! Of that there is no doubt.

See also on homepage list the FUTURE page. There will be another indepth page on the Anti-Christ coming soon.

He will issue a MARK or Tattoo or Chip of some kind that those who follow him and want to be a part of his world and society, will be FORCED to receive on their right hand or forehead !!!  You will not be allowed or able to buy or sell anything, work,  or even rent an apartment or buy food without this MARK.
There are people already lining up for an implanted ID chip, in the name of ‘safety’.  It is ‘voluntary’ right now; but in the future, it will be mandatory !!!  The computer systems will also be used to ‘keep track’ of every living person on Earth !  The average person already has their picture taken on the average of 300 times a day with the surveillance that you are not even aware of !  In certain parts of the country, like where I live in Florida, there are already new “spy electric meters’ being installed !!!!  They listen to and watch your every move in your own back yard and home !!!
Electric companies are a MONOPOLY - - the ONLY one allowed in the U.S..  Monopolies are illegal in the U. S. but apparently the Electric Companies are given ‘special privileges’ to break this law !

Then there’s the global surveillance system , called ECHALON, located in England,  and it tracks YOU everywhere !!!  Now on top of that, there’s  Digital Angel, that also tracks YOU !!!   Plus there’s a little black box that has been installed in several makes of vehicles since 1992 that tracks your vehicle !!!!  So with all this surveillance, you are very well watched !!!  Also a tracking device in the latest cell phones !  (Which is why I still keep using my old phone from before they began this.)


No matter what you do after you take his MARK, nothing = = = NOTHING = = = will be able to save you, or get you to heaven with God the Father !!!

Why will people take his MARK ???
Because they will not be able to take watching their children and babies dying of starvation or be taken away from them by the Anti-Christ’s government, into slavery, or worse !!!  They will not be able to suffer without the basics, like food, shelter or water or medical care.  We are a ‘spoiled’ people; we like and are accustomed to,  our sweet life of conveniences.  We are not use to ‘going without’ or surviving on our own, without the dear ole government there to ‘take care of us’ !!!
If you want to survive - GET OVER IT !!!  Learn how to take care of yourself NOW.
It is time to get tough; to learn how to fight, while we still have a little left to fight with.  Don’t just sit back in your easy chair and let bad laws get passed, or allow the thing that you take for granted to be ‘normal’, like the zoning boards (communistic controls) and the like, take more and more of your freedoms away.  Don’t sit back and say, “you can’t fight city hall” = = BECAUSE YOU CAN FIGHT THEM !!!  I’ve done it !

Our government has everything all set up for the take over by the Anti-christ !!

“Your” property, for example, that you slaved for years to get, is NOT “YOURS” like you think it is.  Just not pay your TAXES and see just how much YOU ‘own’ ‘YOUR’ land or home !!!!  This became a SOCIALIST nation the minute those taxes went into effect !  The state, the government, OWNS IT ALL !!!  You are just ‘renting’ it from them in the form of taxes.  You don’t pay your ‘rent’ (taxes) and you are out of there fast !  The zoning boards are the dictatorship that watches over the government lands for the government ! (They just have you thinking they are there for other purposes.)

On top of all that, the U.N. owns tons of acres in each state, plus all our national monuments, parks, etc. !!!!  Bet you didn’t  know that did you !?!  The U.N. is very anti-U.S. and very anti-U.S. Constitution !!  Bit by bit, our freedoms and rights have been stripped away from us under our noses, and we have just sat back and allowed it to happen !  We allow this in the name of and under the guise of, “safety” - - ha ha !!!  We have less safety NOW then before our freedoms were stripped from us !!!  Or hadn’t you noticed ?  WHEN  WILL  PEOPLE  REALIZE  THAT  OUR  SAFETY  IS  IN  OUR  FREEDOMS !?!  We have NO safety without FREEDOM !!!!  (If you get the chance to get the novel “POWERS IN THE AIR” - get it and read it !!!  It will be out Feb.  2004  by Author House  Publishers ).

THAT is how the Anti-christ (the Beast) will take us over easily.  It has already almost happened.  Just look at the US Supreme Court !!!  Here we have 9 UN-elected people who now DICTATE the laws of the land !!!  They are not suppose to, and the Congress has the right and DUTY to stop them, but no one is even trying to keep these 9 people in line !!!  They have CHANGED everything how our Founding Fathers set things up to be, including their own power !!!  They are not suppose to MAKE laws, but they are !  They are even CHANGING ESTABLISHED LAWS !!!!
IF anyone is screaming to their Congressmen about this or throwing some cold water on them to wake them up, - - - - I can’t hear you, or see you = = where are those brave true Patriotic American souls ???

It is Congress’s DUTY to keep the Supreme Court in line and to NOT allow them to do what they have been doing !!!!  NO !  Everyone is just sitting back in their comfort zone and they will maybe  wake up when the Anti-Christ’s men knock on their door to raid them of their possessions and children !!!
Think THAT will do it ???
You will see this !!    But it will be too late then.
The time is NOW to act, to scream, to march, to pray, to stop the dictatorial things going on !  To STOP the take-over of our great country !!!!

We the people have the vote = = we have to fight to make OUR votes count and to stop the Liberal garbage from destroying everything we have ever held dear !!!  Our FREEDOMS being the first thing,  to start with !

America began as a “church re-location project” = = Did you know that ?
The very things that are happening now here, are the very things our Founding Fathers came here to get away from in Europe, because these very things were happening there !!!!!!!  God, prayer, the Bible, FREEDOM OF FAITH, all were being outlawed in Europe, including England, and these brave men wanted their FREEDOM TO WORSHIP BACK !!!  So they ESCAPED to this new world to have their FREEDOM OF WORSHIP back.

Well, we don’t have another ‘new world’ to run to.
We have to take a stand HERE - - AND NOW !!!!

We have to fight for what this nation was founded FOR in the first place, and get back the nation here that was begun FOR this FREEDOM OF CHRISTIAN WORSHIP AND FAITH !!!   WE have to STAND OUR GROUND HERE AND NOW !!  This nation and its’ ORIGINAL PURPOSE is being stolen from   us !!
WAKE UP !!!!

+    +    +    +    +   +    +    +    +   +     +     +    +    +    +

Enter - -



Since we have now been CONDITIONED and TRAINED to accept this world as a UNIVERSAL nation, and the U.N. and the E.U. as the controllers, the sovereignty of the United States is now considered “passť” - - out of date with the times.  At least that is what you are suppose to think.  You are now to think in the term of One World, GLOBAL, and we are just a ‘nation state’ in it.

The U.N. will eventually mold into or with the E.U., or just ‘go away’ into oblivion in the very near future.  For the One World leader, or ruler, to be more accurate, will come out of the E.U. !
He will be a man AND a system both.
He will be the Anti-christ, and he will be loved by all - - at first.
He will bring solutions to the Middle East problems and get everyone to live in ‘peace’.  There will be a 7 year peace treaty that he will enforce.  He will seem to be the answer for every problem in the world.
You will see this man once the EU establishes a permanent leadership, instead of the 6 month term they presently have now.
He will be a Gentile (not a Jew, as many have believed in the past), and he will be of the Radical Islamic thread.  However, he will not just jump up and announce himself ;  no, .....  it will be much more  gradual  and subtle  than that !

He will most likely be a homosexual.  (Which is why you now see the homosexual movement taking such forward strides in everything now - - setting up the world for this man.)  This homosexual lifestyle is being forced upon all mankind as to be accepted as ‘normal’.  There is a future reason for this.
Satan is getting the world ready for ‘his man’ !!!

There will probably be a ‘forerunner’ before this final anti-christ takes his position as the world ruler.  For I believe that the ruler of the first part of the Tribulation (the last 7 years of this era) is not the same person as the man who sheds all the blood of the last part of the 7 years (the 8th kingdom - Rev. 17:11) - the last 42 months of the 7 year treaty, that is the Tribulation.  You really need to read the Bible - it is a history Book of the past , but also of the FUTURE !!!  ALL of history has been written, as far as the nations and the world are concerned.

It is the last 42 months that are going to be the bloodiest time that this Earth has EVER seen !  And it will be due to this Anti-christ, THE BEAST, and a second beast, his ‘sidekick’ (assistant) that God calls the False Prophet.  In Muslim Islamic terms, he will be the Mahadi that they are awaiting.  The ‘great prophet’ of the Islamic religion.

He will come out of the Mediterranean area, like Iraq or Iran.  He will head the EU.
He will come in the name of ‘peace’.  He is called the Anti-christ, the Beast.
He will be the most blood-thirsty man this world has ever seen; making Hitler and Saddam Hussein seem like Boy Scouts in comparison !!!  But he won’t begin that way.  He will first have to woo the world into the BIG LIE AND DECEPTION, that he is a man of peace and love and power.   He will perform miracles, getting his power from Satan himself !  He will only do these ‘miracles’ while in the presence of his ‘sidekick’ ,  the False Prophet.  Occultic practices will play a part.  There will be a One World Religion established; seemingly joining the major religions of the world into ONE.  But Islam WILL BE the base of it !!!  (For the most part, Islam WILL rule the world very soon ! This Political 'religion' has wormed its way into every part of the world, seizing lands and shedding blood wherever they go ! And this is just the beginning !!)

God says he will have nothing to do with women, hence he will most likely be a homosexual.  He will call himself God !  He will demand worship !  Like Saddam, he will have his picture all over the place, being totally in love with himself; even have a statue/clone/icon of him,  that the ‘sidekick’ assistant will command to speak !  This icon, or statue, or clone, will  COMMAND for everyone to worship the Anti-christ !!  You will be beheaded if you refuse !!!
All freedom will be gone.  People will be his loyal servants and subjects.  He will be THE DICTATOR of the WORLD !!!

Christianity will be outlawed, as will God, Jesus Christ, prayer, freedom of worship, the Bible,  as is almost the case now.  See how Satan is getting this world ready for his man ?

Every law that now goes into effect that goes against everything God has set down ; every time there’s another law that stops prayer, Jesus Christ’s  Name from being mentioned, the Ten Commandments (God’s law), or pro-life issues, = = THAT is SATAN getting this world ready for ‘his man’.  ALL people who support this new Political Correct Liberal agenda (PC), are doing Satan’s work !  They may not even realize it, = = = they are just ‘going with the flow’ and most of them actually believe in what they are doing is good  !!!  THEY ARE DECEIVED by the BIG LIE !!!
They have been blinded to TRUTH.

God warned that TRUTH would be the first casualty in these last days.  And it has been.  Freedom would also be a casualty, and it is.
People would be DECEIVED by the LIE of Satan, and they are !
People would just be passive, and not fight for the right anymore, and that is also true and happening.
People would call themselves “Christian” yet not have the slightest idea of what is about to happen or what  God Almighty really says and warns about in His Word !
God puts it this way: “Having a form of godliness, but denying the POWER (Jesus) thereof, from such turn away !”  2 Timothy 3:5    In fact, read the first 7 verses to get a good look of how God describes us today !!  Describes us to a tee !!

People go to church believing somehow that will save them.
God hates “religion” !!!  He wants a RELATIONSHIP, not a religion !!!!

His Word will also be outlawed, so if you want to really know what the God of all Creation has to say and warn you about, you’d better get reading it now while you still can !

The stage is set, everything is in place, just awaiting the Anti-christ’s entrance upon it.
Will you follow him ???  (And go to eternal doom ?)
Will you even be able to RECOGNIZE him ???  (So you don’t fall for his smooth deceptions ?)
Remember, he IS the BEAST !!!    He will be Satan in the flesh !!!!
And Satan has been around a lot longer doing his thing, than YOU have been doing yours !
Will you stand up against him ???  (And be killed here on Earth standing up for Jesus Christ and His Word  ?)
Remember, this lifetime is but a small blade of grass, = = it doesn’t last long HERE.
But you have ALL OF ETERNITY AHEAD and what you do HERE AND NOW, will determine how the rest of your long life will go !  The biggest part of your life is still ahead.  This is just a stop-over for some learning and decision making.
But what you decide to do HERE, determines your future.

If you are killed here and are right with God, you will go INSTANTLY to be with HIM !!  Plus, you will return to Earth again shortly WITH JESUS CHRIST, to rule and reign WITH HIM !!!
Yes, if you know Jesus Christ PERSONALLY and have HIM as your Savior, you will live on Earth again.  IF you have a RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM !!!.
If you don’t, well, you will never see Earth again, or anything in the way of ‘living’ or ‘life’ again.  Hell is not very comfortable, to say the least.  It is a place of ETERNAL SUFFERING.  Eternal torture !!!

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe any of this, because it WILL happen whether you wish to believe it or not.
Hell is a real place, whether you wish to believe it or not !
There is only ONE way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whether you choose to believe it or not.
Are you willing to take that kind of a chance with your ETERNITY ???
Are you willing to take that kind of a gamble with YOUR whole LONG future ??
It doesn’t matter what religion you are (religion cannot save you or get you to heaven !  It may even keep you OUT of heaven !) = = no matter what you are, there is still only ONE WAY to heaven and to God the Father, the Creator !

Only ONE WAY,  and don’t let Satan try and tell you different  (because he will try to  !) !
Satan does NOT want you to believe in ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  He has gone to great lengths to destroy that fact.  He wants you to believe in this Politically Correct world where there’s an excuse for everything that happens or is wrong in your life and in the world.  But God doesn’t accept ‘excuses’.  God commands responsibility, not excuses.
You cannot be “a little bit saved” just like you cannot be a little bit pregnant.  You either are or you are not saved with the salvation of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is THE Key to heaven = = the ONLY Key !!!!

You can KNOW if you are saved and if you ARE going to God in heaven when this lifetime is over, which could be at any time for any one of us.  Any one of us could die at any moment; we are not promised a tomorrow.  But WE CAN KNOW where we are going; there’s no guess work involved at all.  Just like there’s no lukewarm saved person or believer = for those God says, He spits out !!!
If you have doubts, then you are NOT saved with God’s salvation.
It’s 100% or nothing with God.  You either choose to stand for Him, or not.
God is not just a mere belief, He is a ‘lifestyle’.  He is a  DAILY RELATIONSHIP !!
You choose to stand for His laws, values, standards, etc. or you don’t.  There’s no room in there for ‘maybe’.  There’s no room in there for the evil Political Correctness, which is Satan’s system !
You can KNOW !!!  Without any guesswork.  But it is YOUR CHOICE !  You HAVE TO CHOOSE, and choose your own future.
No one ever dies ( the real them lives forever !) - but they can choose their own future.  God gave the freedom to choose to each one of us.  He will not force you what to choose = He left that up to YOU.  God is a polite gentleman when it comes to this.  But He will be a fierce judge when your judgment day comes !
Any faith that is FORCED in any way, is  NOT of God Almighty !
Only Satan believes in and acts with force, = = remember that.
That is the first thing you notice with Islam; (and with some other religions as well) it is a FORCED religion; a political religion.  Any ‘religion’ that has human controls on you, and forces you into it,  is NOT of God Almighty !!!  It is of Satan !
For God sets you FREE and warns you NOT  to get under those bondages of man again !
Galatians 5:1

New Living Bible (The Book)

Jesus told them - “I am THE way, THE  truth, THE life = NO ONE can come to the Father God except through ME.”  John 14:6
Jesus said, “I am the gate, those who come in through Me will be saved.”  John 10:9

Jesus said, “I assure you, unless you are born-again (Spiritually), you can never see the Kingdom of God.”    John 3:3

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus), so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

“When they refused to acknowledge God, He abandoned them to their evil ways and minds,.... and their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, fighting, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip.  They are back-stabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, boastful, and disobedient to parents.  They refuse to understand, they break their promises, and are heartless and unforgiving.  They are fully aware of God’s death penalty for these things, yet they go on ahead and do them anyway.  And worse yet, they encourage others to do them too !”    Romans 1: 28-32

“Instead of believing what they knew to be truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe LIES. .......  That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires.”     Romans 1: 25, 26

Whoever is a friend of the world, is an enemy of God !    James 4:4

No other Name under heaven that can save you !    Acts 4:12

Lukewarm ?  God will spit you out !    Revelation 3:16

God knew you BEFORE you were conceived or born !    Isaiah 46:3   Jeremiah 1:4         Isaiah 49:1


God will destroy all those who go against Israel !   Joel 3:2

The Holy Lands (Israel) is promised by God to the Jews of Israel FOREVER !   Joshua 1:1-6    Ezekiel 36:24     Ezekiel 37; 1-12    Amos 9:15*     *Genesis 15:17-20 (deed) Israel’s true borders are from the Nile (great river) to the river Euphrates !
[Muslim Qur’an  Surah 5:20-21 ] See, even Mohammad knew better than to touch the Holy Lands !!!!  He warned that no one dared to, that it was the will of God that ONLY the Jews of Israel were to possess and live in the Holy Land !  Here he also recognizes Israel as a  NATION  that God set kings in  !!!  (Can’t have a king if you don’t  have a nation to be king of !!)


Abortion.     Exodus 21: 22, 23

Everyone is to be armed !!!  (Jesus said so Himself !)   Luke 22:36

Homosexuality .    Leviticus 20: 13     Leviticus 18: 22     Romans 1: 26, 27, 32        1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10

Wild Parties.  Worldly Friends.   I  Peter 4    Romans 13: 13, 14    Romans 6: 12-14    Romans 12: 2   Titus 2: 12

Do NOT allow yourself to be misled or deceived.  Warning !     Matthew 24: 4

Scoffers of TRUTH  in the Last Days.   Jude (verses ) 7 & 10 & 18     2 Timothy 3: 1-4

Jesus Christ tells of these days we are in:    Matthew 24 : all      Luke 21: all

In Jesus Christ you become a ‘new person’  with a new start in life and a clean slate  :   2 Corinthians 5:17

If you reject God and His truths, He hands you over to the deceptions and lies:
2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12     Romans 1 :28

God shelters and protects those who stay IN HIS presence.  Psalm 31: 20-21, 23    Psalm 91: all

You cannot sit on the fence;  there are only two kinds of people in the entire world;  the Saved and the Lost.  You cannot be “double-minded” !   James 1:8

See -   Do You Want To Know The Future ?   On this web site.